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Scouting out the area
Marshy area around Assateague
Wildlife of a fowl kind
Waterways 1
Waterways 2
Waterways 3
Jordan and Jim feeding the ducks
More quackers across the street
Friends on the roof
Crabbing in Chincoteague
More waterways
Reflections of two crabbers
Crab bait being lowered
More water
H20 & blue skies
You guessed it
Small cars - I don't get it
They bike there, too
We caught one
Up close and personal
In the basket
Some buddies were added
A BIG one
My wife, crabbing
Jordan and Molly
Jim (cousin from Texas)
Kelly and Ryan
Getting fuller
Flora and fauna
White clouds
More clouds
Wild ponies in the distance
Penned ponies
I fed this one
He agreed to pose for a picture
Thank you, Mr Pony
Jim on deck

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