Back Pack Safety
Protect Your Child's Back
Parents and students need to be proactive in back safety.  Below are some links to articles that provide information; however, here is a summary of Do's and Don'ts:

* Transport only what you need.  Don't take everything to and from school
* Use BOTH shoulder straps.  Using only one can impair proper growth.
* Use backpacks on wheels to minimize back use.  When coming down the stairs, turn your backpack so the wheels are in the air, thus saving the wheels.
* Children should avoid carrying more than 10-15% of their weight
* Heavy materials should be packed closest to the back of the backpack
* Select backpacks with padded straps and ensure the backpack is the right size for your child.  For more information visit the links below.
Special thanks to Saba Yadetta who provided the links to this web page.